Artificial Insemination Supplies

As an authorized sales representative for Insemination Technics and Supplies International Inc. (I.T.S.I.)  we can supply a complete line of high quality A.I. equipment and supplies to both swine breeders and swine A.I. centres both in Canada and internationally.

A.I. Catheter Selection

Semen Storage Units

Semen Packaging

Insemination Aids

Long and Short
semen extender

Binocular Microscope

 Products supplied include the following:

  • Insemination Catheters (foam and spiral tip)
  • Breeding clamps and bags
  • Boar scent spray
  • Insemination gel
  • Short and long term semen extenders
  • Semen packaging including bottles, tubes and bags
  • Semen tube sealing equipment and supplies
  • Automatic semen tube packaging equipment
  • Semen collection materials and equipment
  • Laboratory and semen processing supplies and equipment
  • Monocular and binocular microscopes
  • Semen density analyzing equipment and supplies
  • Water baths and magnetic stirrers
  • Portable and stationary semen storage units

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