Ultrasound Technology

   Polar Genetics Inc. recognizes the importance of ultrasound technology in improving breeding and production efficiency in livestock breeding and production. We carry the following line of ultrasound technology:
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Classic Insight Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanner
- visual "real time or B-mode" pregnancy diagnosis
- hand held (no cables or battery packs)
- fast and highly accurate
- lightweight and portable
- reduces non productive days significantly
Palm Scan Ultrasound
- real time or visual diagnosis of pregnancy in "B" mode 
- lightweight (600 gr.) with high resolution image
- exact and early pregnancy diagnosis
- capacity to measure back fat and loin depth
Renco Pregtone Ultrasound Pregnancy Detector
- accurate and economical A-mode pregnancy diagnosis
- portable and easy to operate
- improves breeding efficiency
Renco Lean Meter Backfat scanner
- evaluates back fat thickness in mm.
- portable and easy to operate
- digital display
- economical tool for breeding and market pig selection
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