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Canadian Yorkshire
   The Canadian Yorkshire is Canada's most popular breed. Our Yorkshires provide excellent economic returns due to their characteristics of proven leanness, growth rate, feed conversions and undisputed prolificacy that have been enhanced through selection and genetic evaluation programs. Males are virile and aggressive breeders, while the females are known for their milking ability and the farrowing of large litters of strong, vigorous piglets.
The Canadian Yorkshire is used successfully in many crossbreeding programs. Crossing the Yorkshire with other breeds is a legendary combination at the commercial level - the ultimate in sow productivity. With its high carcass quality, the Canadian Yorkshire plays an increasing role in maintaining consumer demand for high quality pork. Canadian Yorkshires are internationally recognized for their leanness and growth without sacrificing maternal capability.

Canadian Landrace
   The Canadian Landrace is one of the most prolific breeds found in Canada today producing large litters at birth and high weaning weights. The Canadian Landrace female, used in purebred and crossbreeding programs, is well known for its excellent mothering ability, temperament, longevity and prolific reproduction. The boars are dependable breeders and have an excellent temperament, making them easy to work with. 
This breed is highly desired for its average daily gain, feed conversion and leanness. The Landrace is a well muscled white breed noted for its high quality carcass, high percentage of ham and particularly for the production of bacon. Breeders note outstanding performance under all housing and climatic conditions.

Canadian Duroc
   The Canadian Duroc is used as a terminal sire line to produce market hogs with consistently high quality carcasses. Their progeny have a high percentage of lean meat. The Duroc is also recognized for its intra muscular fat which helps to improve meat flavour. It is very efficient in converting feed to meat and has an excellent average daily gain. Studies have shown that the Duroc produces one of the best carcasses in today's industry. It is the most popular terminal sire line used in the Canadian swine breeding program. Many of the Duroc found in leading pig producing countries originated from Canada.

Canadian Hampshire
   The Canadian Hampshire is one of the leanest breeds in Canada. It is noted for its superior lean carcass producing ability. Both males and females exhibit sound structural development, being large framed, heavy boned with big loins. The Hampshire is used as a commercial terminal cross sire and occasionally crossed with the Duroc for a terminal boar line.

Canadian Lacombe
The Canadian Lacombe is a white breed that contributes strength to commercial breeding programs. The Lacombe exhibits valuable traits for excellent carcass quality such as deep, meaty hams and lean meat. Production characteristics include high growth rate, large litters, heavy weaning weights and carcass quality. The Canadian Lacombe is a versatile breed that produces top quality F1 gilts and is used effectively as a terminal sire line.

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